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    Rodney’s new 4-in-4

    1. Energy East pipeline

    2. Saint John Airport modernization

    3. Community infrastructure

    4. Harbourfront improvements

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    Rodney Weston


    $2 million for

    the City Market

    “Our government is pleased to support

    projects that help local entrepreneurs

    and businesses prosper.”

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    Rodney Weston


    $68.3 million for

    Port Saint John

    “Upgrading our container terminals will

    contribute to long-term growth and prosperity

    for Saint John and all New Brunswick.”

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    Rodney Weston


    $5.2 million for

    a new YMCA

    “The new YMCA will provide

    essential programs and contribute

    to a higher quality of life

    for all our residents.”

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    Rodney Weston


    $57.3 million

    for clean

    drinking water

    “This has been my top priority

    since being elected in 2008 and I am

    very pleased to see this come to fruition.”

Rodney Weston

Rodney was elected as your Member of Parliament in 2008, and re-elected in 2011. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for the riding of Saint John-Fundy in 1999, where he served as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture and Minister of Human Resources. Rodney’s private sector experience includes running his own small businesses and senior management with an international food production company. Rodney was born in Saint John and lives with his wife Dawn and son Hudson in East Saint John.

Rodney Weston delivers for the Renforth Park

New 4-in-4

Re-elect Rodney Weston and he'll focus on 4 key priorities over the next 4 years to grow our economy and build our community. Rodney delivered on his promises before. You can count on him to deliver again.



The Conservative Party is the only Party to fully support the construction of the Energy East pipeline. It will bring thousands of good-paying jobs to Saint John-Rothesay and New Brunswick.



Saint John-Rothesay needs competitive air access to other markets. Improving and expanding our runways will allow larger aircraft to land in Saint John, and provide better service for both business and vacation travellers.



Rodney will work to make the Exhibition Park Fieldhouse and Dual Ice Surface projects a reality. And he’ll seek federal funds for Rothesay wastewater improvements, UNBSJ Ward Chipman Library retrofit, and affordable housing.



Development of Partridge Island and Fort LaTour will celebrate our history and draw more tourists to our riding, and construction of a community harbour will provide fishermen and commercial and recreational boaters a safe place to dock.

Rodney Weston delivers a toll free Harbour Bridge

4-in-4 Rodney delivers

Promises made. Promises kept. In 2011, Rodney promised to move our community forward in 4 key areas over 4 years (2011–2015). Rodney delivered on all 4.

check$57.3 million for clean, safe drinking water in Saint John

check$14 million for social housing and support programs

check$8 million for the Hans W. Klohn Commons at UNBSJ

check$5.2 million for a new YMCA

Rodney Weston delivers for the Canada Games Centre

Programs and projects funded

Rodney and our Conservative government are pleased to support many projects and programs in the riding of Saint John-Rothesay and region. Listed below are some of the initiatives receiving federal government support.

  • Community services

    $5,000,000 Oncology Centre, SJ Regional Hospital
    $400,000 Loch Lomond Community Centre
    $345,000 Hospice
    $914,000 ONE Change
    $191,892 Project PRUDE
    $554,371 John Howard Society
    $223,000 AIDS Saint John
    $421,000 Key Industries
    $5,798,000 Canada Summer Jobs
    $250,000 Rainbow Park
    $173,770 NB Breast & Women’s Partnership
    $157,730 Forest Hills School
    $219,123 SJ Community Loan Fund
    $276,225 Teen Resource Centre
    $200,000 Rothesay Community Park
    $281,150 Urban Core Support Network
    $55,337 Bayside Middle School
    $24,766 CHQC (Senior’s radio)

  • Municipal infrastructure

    $57,300,000 Clean drinking water
    $2,000,000 Saint John Waterfront Development
    $5,199,000 Rothesay water infrastructure
    $220,447 Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission
    $735,000 Rockwood Park
    $479,609 Harbour Station
    $32,018,082 Saint John, Gas Tax refund
    $5,432,601 Rothesay, Gas Tax refund

    Economic development

    $68,300,000 Port SJ modernization
    $4,500,000 Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal
    $3,000,000 Barge Terminal
    $200,000 Partridge Island
    $300,000 Small Craft Harbour
    $596,000 Enterprise Saint John
    + Funding for research and development

  • Recreation

    $5,200,000 New YMCA
    $1,400,000 Canada Games Centre
    $4,000,000 Rothesay Arena
    $200,000 Renforth Park
    $1,000,000 KV Valley Sports Fields


    $10,500,000 UNB & NBCC
    $2,800,000 Medical Residents for NB
    $625,000 Dalhousie Medicine NB
    $350,000 Small Business Internship

    Arts & culture

    $750,000 Cultural Capitals of Canada
    $125,000 Comedy Awards and Festival
    $973,740 Symphony NB
    $140,650 SJ Theatre Company
    $972,522 Imperial Theatre

  • Transportation

    $40,100,000 Saint John Harbour Bridge
    $13,900,000 Saint John Transit
    $31,700,000 One Mile Interchange
    $210,000,000 Route 1 upgrades
    $62,000,000 Saint John-Digby Ferry

    Affordable housing

    $2,210,000 Abbey St. Andrews
    $1,200,000 Crescent Valley Seniors’ Housing
    $480,000 Jenny’s Spring Housing
    $240,000 Newman Street Affordable Housing
    $920,000 Father Eugene O’Leary Seniors Apartments
    $480,000 Ken Val United Church Suites
    $930,000 Newport
    $3,500,000 Renovation & retrofit of affordable housing

Rodney Weston delivers for UNBSJ

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We need your support to promote Conservative values and continue to elect Conservative members to the Parliament of Canada. Whether you want to be an active volunteer or quietly support a dynamic political team with a financial contribution, there's a way for everyone to help re-elect Rodney.

Rodney Weston delivers for Rothesay water

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